How to be Energetic all day?

If you are feeling lazy in the morning or in the afternoon or after lunch, and wondering how to be energetic all day, so this article will include all the methods which will boost your energy and mood.

Take an early morning shower:

Some people take a shower in the early morning and some people not as we all are lazy but taking an ice-cold shower in the early morning awake you and even it activates your immune system the short blast of cold water activates the noradrenaline in the brain which increases alertness.

How to be Energetic all day - Taking Shower

Take Orange Juice in the Early Morning

After taking a shower it is important for all of us to take a glass of fresh orange juice. As orange juice contains vitamin C so it will boost our immune system and most importantly it will maintain the level of vitamin C in our body because if you are deficient of vitamin C so you will be tired in minutes and deficiency may cause many diseases like (scurvy) this happens when there is lack of vitamin C and its symptoms may include weakness, anemia, and skin problems, studies also prove that fresh-squeezed orange juice helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.

How to be Energetic all day - Orange Juice

Morning walk:

A morning walk is necessary for our health you should walk at least 30 minutes in the morning. The fresh morning air can improve your mood it will keep you positive and energetic all-day as we all know the old idiom health is wealth but health does not come for free it needs you to work out for it and morning walk is best and simplest workout the lungs full of pure oxygen, fresh morning air gives them refreshing effect and prevents many diseases when we walk our body releases a lot of endorphins( a natural painkiller) this generates a feeling of happiness morning walk also improves our blood circulation and it supplies fresh oxygen to the brain which will increase our mental alertness. The study shows morning walk also gives sound sleep at night. Morning walk also strengthen your muscles. There are countless benefits of morning walk morning walks are necessary for all of us.

How to be Energetic All Day long…

How to be Energetic all day - Morning Walk


Studies prove if you do some exercise in the morning you will be in a better mood all day and who exercise early in a day they might spend deep sleep in a night which is beneficial for the brain and body. Exercise keeps us mentally and physically healthy so here is some exercise which you can do in the early morning.

How to be Energetic all day - essential morning Exercise

Exercise no.1:  Cat camel stretch:

Come onto your hands and knees your hand should be under your shoulders your knees should be under your hips and the back should be in the neutral position.

Cat: Sink your back down towards the floor and lift your head up at the same time staking your tail bone out to make a curve with your spine take a breath out at the same time.


Tuck your head and tail bone-in, arching through your spine as to mimic camel hunk take a big breath at the same time

Jumping Jacks:

They are great for cardiovascular health and also for toning muscles.

Stand with feet together jump while spreading your arms and legs. You can start with 1 minute in the beginning then gradually build up a number which is comfortable for you.

Legs Squats:

Stand with your feet a bit far away from your hips. Arms should be out in front of you. Then lower yourself as if you wanted to until you reach a 90-degree angle, you can go down further if you want to. Then return to starting position .repeat this 10 times in the beginning then increases your number in which you are comfortable with.


Your body requires vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and stay active. It needs to be maintained and planned diet.


Eat your breakfast after the morning walk, it is the best time to have breakfast. The ideal time to have breakfast is 7 am, do not delay later than 10 am. Do not eat unhealthy breakfast, skipping breakfast is better than eating an unhealthy breakfast.

However healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced diet in breakfast can give you energy and prevent eating too much for the rest of the day. These are foods which should be included in breakfast Eggs, Greek yogurt, Oatmeal, Coffee and Fruits


Studies have shown that eating eggs in breakfast increases the feelings of fullness. It reduces calories and helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Eggs are the best source of proteins. Egg yolk contains lutein and zeaxanthin which protects our eyes from many diseases and it protects your eyesight. Egg helps in brain and development.

How to be Energetic all day - Egg omelette

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is different from common yogurts because it goes through by the straining process to remove the whey. Whey is a liquid that contains lactose a natural sugar found in milk. Greek yogurt is healthy after a tough workout. It tide you until your next meal not even this it Greek yogurt contains proteins that repair the damage done in exercise or in a workout. Greek yogurt is a great way to boost your protein level while avoiding heavy foods like meat. You can have it in walnut or in blueberries. Green yogurt contains probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast. These microorganisms live in our intestine helps you to stay healthy.

How to be Energetic all day - Greek Yogurt


Oatmeal is commonly taken in breakfast. These are a good source of carbs and fiber they contain the most important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Oats help in lower the cholesterol level. They may lower the risk of childhood asthma. Oats are among the healthiest grain on earth.

How to be Energetic all day - Oatmeal


Coffee is a wakeup call as it contains caffeine a natural stimulant that gives your day an energetic start. Coffee does not make you alert and energetic but it helps you to improve your attention span, so you can perform better on long tasks. Coffee also helps you concentrate on your office work or exams task and memory skills.

How to be Energetic all day - Coffee

Fruits In Breakfast:

we all know that fruits are undoubtedly an excellent source of nutrients for the stunt of the day. They provide energy to the body and improve the work of the stomach throughout the day.

How to be Energetic all day - Mix Fruits

Include these fruits in your diet

Apples: We all heard the old proverb that

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Because It prevent many diseases it reduces coronary artery diseases and it reduces the risk of stroke and developing diabetes, it cannot prevent but many studies proved that those who eat apples have a lower risk of these encountering these health conditions when compared to those who do not eat apples. If you like to complete your workout in the morning then you will definitely want an apple on the breakfast menu.

How to be Energetic all day - Apples The Medical & Health Tips


Berries are the healthiest fruit you can eat these are very nutritious and provide the number of health benefits. Berries contain anti-oxidant which means that berries lower the risk of many diseases including heart disease and cancer berries provide many nutrition like strawberries are rich in vitamin C with exception of vitamin C all berries are fairly similar in terms of vitamin and mineral content. Berries are a good source of soluble fiber studies proved that consuming soluble fiber lowers the movement of food through your digestive tract which means it reduces the hunger and increases the feeling of fullness.

How to be Energetic all day - Berries - The Medical & Health Tips


Pineapple is just a delicious tropical food it provides the number of health benefits. Pineapple is a very good source of B and C vitamins & fibers, Minerals like manganese. Manganese is a key cofactor boosting the creation of an enzyme that is responsible for the production of the energy within your body. If you are feeling sluggish then eat some pineapples. Pineapple heals the wounds and burns it also helps in improving digestion it reduces the risk of digestive disorder. It boosts your immune system and strengthens your bones pineapple contains an enzyme named bromelain which helps in reduces the excessive coagulation of the blood. Pineapple contains high levels of anti-oxidant and vitamin C. PINE APPLE reduces the risk of macular degeneration in an (EYE) disease-causing a low vision.

How to be Energetic all day - Pineapple - The Medical & Health Tips


Your body clock, food digestion, and mechanism of metabolism interact in many ways what you eat is not just important but when you eat that’s more important. The ideal time to have lunch is 12:45 PM. You should keep a gap of four hours between your breakfast and lunch later than 4 PM. It is important to have a healthy lunch which means you should eat protein and vitamin diet. You should eat green vegetables pluses, meat, and beef. In vegetables like cabbage, spinach, peas, lettuce, and broccoli.

How to be Energetic all day - vegetables


When it comes to dinner, overeating, or eating too much can lead to trouble sleeping. Studies proved that what you eat at the day the calories get consumed at night the body stores them as fat rather burn them as energy. The ideal time for dinner is before 7:00 PM. do not late in dinner more than 10:00 PM. Eating close to bedtime will impact on your quality of eat balanced diet protein and carbohydrates but in less amount.

Stand up at work

Studies proved that sitting for a longer period can have a negative impact on your health, if you are working where you have to sit for hours so consider working on a standing desk you will notice in your energy levels.

How to be Energetic all day - Standing position

Do outdoor activities

If you are good at sports, do some outdoor activities like playing football, table tennis, soccer, and basketball, etc. Even if you are not good, start doing practice, this will also help. playing  like a pro is not necessary but playing just to burn calories is necessary and good for health

How to be Energetic all day - Outdoor Activities - Playing Football

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